Dog’s Trust Visit – Wednesday 13 June

Dog’s Trust Visit – Wednesday 13 June

Be Dog Smart is their successful campaign helping children and families understand more about how to behave around dogs in order to keep themselves safe.

Be Dog Smart!

10 easy tips to remind kids how to stay safe around dogs:

Beware of disturbing dogs that are eating or sleeping.

Even if for fun, don’t ever tease a dog please.

Don’t approach a dog with no owner around.

Only stroke a dog when the owner says ‘Yes, you can.’

Get the dog to sniff your hand first, then stroke gently.

Strange dog approaching? Stand still, look away, cross your arms.

Move calmly and quietly around any dog.

All that hugging and kissing – you might like it, not all dogs do.

Remember all dogs have teeth.

Treat dogs with kindness and respect.