Story Shack (A.K.A. reading Shed!)

Story Shack (A.K.A. reading Shed!)

The idea behind the story shack is to help promote the children’s love of reading. It is a place where children can cosy up with a cushion and read to one another or by themselves.

We are firm believers that the outdoors holds a great wealth of opportunities for young people. It is well known that outdoor activities are a catalyst for learning and for encouraging cognitive, social and emotional development. The outdoors is filled with natural inspiration. Children learn through their senses, and with the different sights, sounds, smells and textures that the natural world has to offer, it is a wonderful resource for developing their perception and aesthetic awareness. The outdoors, then, is the perfect environment for children to switch on to learning how to read and to experience the true pleasure and joy of getting immersed in a good book.

Ask any child and most will tell you that they love being outside. One of the best outdoor learning activities is reading books: having fresh air and losing yourself in a good story. Books are wonderful things. They feed our imagination and allow us to create whole new worlds within our heads. Taking literature outside gives children the opportunity to explore it in a completely different environment, where the surroundings are incorporated into the experience, and their imaginations can be set free.

The story shack offers the inspiring, engaging and multisensory environment which is essential for teaching a child the foundations of their reading skills, from a first grasp of phonics right through to an in-depth understanding of literary meanings.

Children will feel more at ease and better able to focus on the book, both the word formations within it and the underlying story, if they are allowed the opportunity to experience reading in the story shack. Children can feel refreshed and better able to refocus and engage in improving their reading skills.

A big thank you to all who have contributed in making this idea a reality…

Collins Builders, Hereford Carpets, PTFA, parents, Pie Corbett.