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Class 3: Years 3 & 4


Welcome to Mrs. Carpenter’s year 3 & 4 class.

Please cursor over the highlighted dates on the calendar to find out what is happening in Class 3. Please view all our this year’s curriculum project plans and the latest Class 3 news below. 

Autumn 2019

In the Autumn term, Class 3 had a fantastic time learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. They were able to locate where in the world Egypt is and to understand the early civilisations that were developed there.  We had great fun learning about the mummification process and creating our very own Ancient Egyptian artefacts including death masks, jewellery and shadufs.  We wrote our own versions of ‘Egyptian Cinderella’ where we were able to transfer our learning and understanding of our topic in our fictional writing.

In Maths we started with place value which helped us with our understanding of number and moved onto activities and problems in multiplication and division.  Science saw us investigate states of matter and allowed us to practically explore the different changes which included the process of evaporation.

Spring 2020

This Spring term our topic is very exciting! Our learning will be based around the popular Attenborough documentary, Seven Worlds, One Planet.  We will be looking at the 7 continents of the world, researching the main countries and their capital cities.  We will be exploring the human geography of each location and make comparisons with our own.  As part of this topic, we will also be looking into the effects of climate change in each of the continents and the affect this has on the land and the habitats within them. This will be explored in our science work when we investigate habitats including biomes and ecosystems.

We will be visiting Envirosort in Worcester and finding out what happens to our recycling after the bin men collect it.  We will also be staging our very own peaceful protest where the children will be able to use their voices to make positive changes for saving the planet!

In maths, we will be starting the term half term with length, perimeter and area and moving on to fractions and decimals. It is still important that the children continue to practise their times tables.