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Class 4: Year 6


Welcome to Miss Pritchard-Smith’s year 6 class.

Please cursor over the highlighted dates on the calendar to find out what is happening in Class 4. Please view all our this year’s curriculum project plans and the latest Class 4 news below. 

Autumn 2019

What a busy term we have had in Class 4!

Our topic this term was India. We learnt about the location, climate and culture of the country as well as about its people, famous landmarks, such as the Taj Mahal, and the history of the country, including the Indus Valley and the British Empire. We also made a delicious curry, listened to Indian music and created art work inspired by Jamini Roy, an Indian artist.

In English we have worked on our narrative writing skills, focusing on character and setting descriptions and putting these into practise by writing a suspense story. Our maths work has improved and extended our use of the four operations as well as our knowledge of fractions. We have done lots of practical experiments in science which have tested different materials and their uses.

As well as this, we have competed against other schools in sport (Quicksticks, Netball and Athletics) and mathematics, at the 24 tournament. We have sang carols at the Co-Op and at Aspire and our Pupil Heads of School attended a service at the Cathedral with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Spring 2020

During the spring term, our topic will be Ancient Egypt. We will be learning about the geography of the county, Egyptian gods and goddesses, hieroglyphics and the process of mummification!

Our science work will be based around biology, looking at the life cycles of different animals and the classification of creatures while in maths we will be furthering our knowledge of decimals and percentages. In English, we will be beginning to look at non-fiction pieces, such as newspapers, and having a go at writing our own.

We will also continue to take part in sporting events and competitions as well as increasing our links with the wider community.