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Early Reading

At Canon Pyon CE Academy, we strive to develop the full potential of all our pupils so they become confident, literate readers. If children are to develop as competent, fluent readers it is essential that they have secure understanding of letters and sounds. Phonic skills are essential to developing competent and assertive readers. At Canon Pyon, we follow the systematic approach of Floppy’s Phonics.

As children progress through school, they will learn all the 44 sounds and the corresponding letter groups. Pupils will learn the initial letter sounds and their matching graphemes as they progress from Reception to KS1. They will be explicitly taught the skill of oral blending, which is vital for the initial stages of early reading. Children will rapidly progress to blending sounds together to help them read CVC words. Children will learn digraph and trigraph sounds throughout Reception and KS1.

This consistent and rigorous approach will provide our children with the foundations to become enthused readers with a passion for storytelling, literature and vocabulary.


At Canon Pyon CE Academy, we want to foster a lifelong love of reading by exposing our children to various literature across all curriculum areas using the Talk 4 Reading approach. We believe reading opens up a new world for children and gives them the opportunity to explore new ideas, visit new places, meet new characters and develop a better understanding of other cultures. Through building up the children’s vocabulary it gives them the word power they need to become successful speakers and writers as well as confident readers. Reading is a key life skill and we strive to embed a culture of reading into the core of what we do. Providing opportunities for children to read both independently and aloud as well as allowing them the chance to discuss and recommend books they have read to their peers. We also provide opportunities for children to share books and read with a ‘buddy’. Reading and quality literature is implicitly interwoven into our curriculum through the use of key texts to expose our children to various genres and famous authors and to enhance the variety of exciting topics that we teach.


To develop the appropriate subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum, we incorporate Talk 4 Writing as a stimulus for developing writing in a variety of genres. We encourage pupils to broaden their vocabulary by exposing them to rich, stimulating texts. This exposure encourages a range of writing styles to be absorbed within their learning and retelling. Writing is a crucial skill that is embedded across all year groups; consolidation of fine motor skills and phonic strategies are implemented in lower school and working towards securing confidence with independent pieces is of priority in KS2. We hope for our students to leave Canon Pyon CE Academy with a certainty that they are able to communicate effectively in writing – and enjoy being able to express themselves in this way.