PE and Sport

The school seeks to provide a sound background in sport through National Curriculum Physical Education and some extra-curricular activities. Within these opportunities we are concerned with developing good quality performance, an understanding of games principles, enjoyment and knowing how to improve skills.

All pupils follow the National Curriculum programmes of study for physical education. Key Stage 1 pupils take part in football, swimming and dance, Key Stage 2 pupils continue work in these areas with additional opportunities for athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities. All children receive at least two hours per week of physical education during curriculum time. Key Stage 2 pupils participate in football and netball tournaments. Other sporting events include orienteering, participation in the Herefordshire “Kwik Cricket” Tournament and cluster school sports and athletics. Teams represent the school in local leagues and friendly matches in netball and football as well as in athletic events and an annual cross-country tournament and swimming gala.

Annual residential visits are made by Years 5 and 6 pupils, to Birmingham and Oakerwood . Activities for Year 6 include sailing, canoeing, climbing, raft building and gorge walking.

Parents’ co-operation is sought to ensure that children wear appropriate clothing and footwear (see list of PE equipment under “school uniform”) and do take part regularly unless the doctor advises otherwise. Parents are asked to contribute towards the cost of transport to the swimming pool.