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Religious Education

Religious Education

RE lessons take place in all classes, based on the Herefordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education and includes the syllabus ‘Understanding Christianity.’ This ensures that we fulfil the requirement that we “provide pupils with knowledge and understanding of Christianity, and of other principal religious traditions represented in Great Britain, to develop their understanding of the ways in which beliefs influence people in their behaviour, practices and outlook, and to develop in them a capacity to engage in a search for meaning and purpose in order to enhance their own spiritual growth.”

RE lessons provide opportunities for the children to explore beliefs about God through stories, discussions, philosophy for children, drama, music and art. 

The school follows the guidelines laid down by Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education. The syllabus has been structured around key questions. 

The exploration of fundamental questions encourages learners to develop and use skills of reflection, interpretation, analysis and application, as well as developing their knowledge and understanding of religion and belief. 

There is a daily act of worship which helps to develop the children’s spiritual awareness and their consideration for the needs of others, as well as being an opportunity for quiet reflection.  We base our Collective Worships on the “Value of the month,” Gospel readings and stories from the Bible.   

Parents who do not wish their children to have Religious Education or to participate in Collective Worship are entitled to withdraw their children from these sessions.  Requests for withdrawal should be made in writing to the Headteacher. 

Celebration Time

Collective Worship is an opportunity for the whole school to celebrate together. We celebrate the achievement of individuals both in and out of school (the former in both school based and extra curricular achievements). We celebrate positive behaviour, attitude, effort, special work as well as special opportunities taken by children. The school’s ‘merit badge’ and ‘Gold Book’ systems are central. We also celebrate birthdays and report on school and out of school activities.

Open the book

‘Open the Book’ constitute a group of church based storytellers who perform lively plays based upon Bible stories in a simple but accurate way. Children frequently take part in these acts of worship. The year plan for Open the Book is given to the school at the start of the year.

Leominster Baptist Church, Joe Whitfield

‘Hi, my name is Joe Whitfield. I am a full time Christian schools worker, which means that I go into primary schools across northern Herefordshire and take assemblies. I currently go into 19 schools and love being able to tell children about God and the Bible and how it can apply to our lives today.’ Joe visits our school on a regular basis.