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Admissions and Starting School

Starting School at Canon Pyon CE Academy

Our current admission limit is 15 per year group. The governors review the admissions policy annually. Parents or carers are requested to register their children in advance.

All new parents and carers are invited to tour the school, so that they can see the facilities, feel the atmosphere of the school, meet the Head of School and staff and discuss their child’s needs.

Children beginning school are invited into Class 1 in the second half of the term preceding their admission to acclimatise themselves and become familiar with the routine of the school. Arrangements for this will be made by the Head of School during the Summer term.   

Pupils completing their primary education with us normally transfer to Weobley High School for the beginning of the Autumn Term following their eleventh birthday. They will be invited to ‘taster days’ at local high schools to ensure a smooth transition process.

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In accordance with statutory guidance we have a Home/School agreement which sets out what you can expect from the school and what is expected of you as a parent/carer to support your child’s education. All parents/carers are requested to sign this when their child is admitted to the school.

When you choose to send your child to our school you are entering into a partnership with us which is based on trust and good communication. One of our greatest strengths is that we never dismiss any problem. If a parent or a child has a concern, we promise to do our very best to solve it, your part of the bargain is to tell us about your concern immediately.