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Charging & Remissions

Charging and Remissions Policy

In accordance with the Education Reform Act 1996, no charges are made for books, materials, equipment or apparatus used in for curriculum activities during school hours.   The school’s policy on charging for extra curricular activities reflects this Act and the Education Reform Act 1996 which states that there is no obligation to contribute and no pupil may be left out of an activity because his/her parents have not contributed.  

However, parents should realise that declining to contribute will make such activities more difficult to organise and an activity/trip may not be able to take place if parents are unwilling to support it.

Residential activities are offered as an optional extra and will incur a charge for board and lodging, travel cost, activities and insurance. These trips are offered on the basis of parental choice and a willingness to meet such charges. Financial help can be offered in cases of hardship; this is done with absolute discretion. A cost will be incurred for the provision of individual instrumental tuition, not deemed to be part of the National Curriculum syllabus.

A charge will be made for the cost of replacement or repair of damage to school property or equipment caused by pupils’ misbehaviour. Occasionally the school will seek voluntary contributions for materials used in activities such as cooking, Art and DT where the product is taken home.